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31 July 2005 @ 10:42 pm
Just wondering why no one is writing? Why join a group and say you want to help write a story if no one is writing?

By the way, thanks for participating Madison.

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Untitled Story 2


The gallery was empty and an eerie glow emanated from each of the lit showcases that protected their valuable occupants. The House of Gems placed great importance on good security systems and spared no expenses. Each showcase was protected by lasers and alarms. Nothing had ever been stolen from the House of Gem in the 50 years of the establishment. At least that was the case until two weeks ago.

JC 'The Cat' Chasez felt a sense of deja vu as he hung upside down from the ceiling of the huge gallery. A fortnight ago, he had felt the thrill of excitement as he reverse abseiled down from the ceiling with the intent of stealing The Pride of Senegal, a 50 carat diamond. Now he felt the same thrill in the pit of his stomach though his intent was the complete opposite. This time, he was not going to take. He was going to return.

He had noted that they had added a few more cameras and few more lasers trips. But his handy laptop was feeding images of an empty gallery to the security cameras from the rooftop. As for the laser trips, hell, it was an insult to his skills that they would think those would stop him.

He was just 2 feet above the now empty display case which had a month ago housed The Pride of Senegal. They had obviously never expected that the burglar who embarrassed their security would actually return to return the gem as there were no laser trips above that display case when JC scanned for them using the little gizmo he had obtained 'illegally' from a contact at a high tech security firm.

JC gently lifted the glass casing with both hands. Seeing that he had no where to put it, he sat up, working his abs in the process, and propped the casing on his feet. He leaned back down and reached into the pouch secured at his waist for the diamond.

"So long, baby," he whispered, kissing the gem and then placing it back on its cushion. He was about to swing back up to replace the casing, when he heard the voice.

"I've been waiting for you."

The sudden voice caused JC to jerk and lose his concentration. The hold he had on the rope slipped and he fell to the ground hard. The showcase casing crashed to floor loudly, triggering the sound sensors. All the lights came on.


"Ooo. That has got to hurt," the voice drawled again.

JC quickly got to his feet trying to locate the owner of the voice. He didn't have to look far. Standing just a few feet from him was a man; 6 ft, light brown short, curly hair, dressed in black tailored pants, white shirt and a black jacket, and with a grin on his face.

JC noted that the stranger didn't seem to be armed but he wasn't taking any chances. Then he didn't need to as five other armed men entered the gallery, surrounding him. Shit!

"I guess we've finally caught The Cat. Your pictures, as lovely as they were, do not do you justice," the man drawled, stepping forward.

"How the hell did you..."

"Know you were here? I've been waiting for you for the past month."

JC just watched with incredulous wariness.

"Maybe I should introduce myself first. I'm Justin Timberlake."

"You'll forgive me if I do not stupidly give you my name," JC replied.

"Oh you don't need to. I know who you are. JC 'The Cat' Chasez. One of the best cat burglars around. Your work is known. Famous paintings, famed jewels, rare books and other collectors' items. There's nothing you can't steal."

JC ignored his dry mouth and tried to affect nonchalance.
"Well, if this is just an attempt to show how big a fan you are, can I just give you my autograph and be on my way? I have a few more things to return."

Timberlake just smiled.
"That was something I didn't expect to see tonight. I counted on you returning here. I mean all these gems and you only took one? I expected you to come back for the rest. But I must say I'm surprised to see you return The Pride instead."

"Yeah, see, today's the day I'm turning over a new leaf. So you see, no harm done. Now, if you will excuse me," JC said, reaching for the rope.

A few of the other men made to intercept him and JC dropped his hands and sighed. Timberlake just remained where he was, with that frustrating smile still playing on his face.

JC knew he was not going to get away tonight. And that just...sucked! The irony of it all. 10 years of crime and he had to get caught on the night he was turning over a new leaf.

"Fine," JC said, giving up and holding out his hand. "Just cuff me and let's get this over with."

"As much as the Gallery owners would like me to, I'm afraid I have other plans for you. Now if you would follow me."

Timberlake didn't wait for a reply and just turned and walked through the entry way of the gallery. JC stood where he was for a while but was soon shoved forward by one of the other men. He glared at the man and began walking forward, wondering what he had gotten himself into.

JC was accompanied into a room behind a panelled door. The monitors in the room showed the security camera feed and JC smiled as he saw his laptop still doing its job. That was until snow filled the screen. Then in the next second, the activity filled gallery was seen on the monitors.

JC was pushed into a chair by one of the men. Timberlake sat on the desk in front of him and leaned forward to pull JC’s chair towards him. JC found himself caged by Timberlake's long legs on the floor and his arms on the armrest. JC looked up into deep blue eyes looking at him intently for a few uncomfortable seconds.

“I must say that you are not what I expected. I half expected a woman.”

“Excuse me?” JC asked, glaring at the man.

“Don’t get me wrong. I mean the places you have gotten into are legendary…places only a really small person or a really flexible person could get into. And usually…well…that’s a woman.”

JC just rolled his eyes at the man’s presumptions and pretended to look at his fingernails.
“So is there a reason for this little chat? Because really, I think I’ll have a much more interesting time in a jail cell staring at the walls.”

“Cute and feisty. I like.”

JC’s eyes flew up to meet the smirking deep blues.

Timberlake just smiled.
“Ok, we will get to the point.” He pulled JC’s chair closer to him. JC leaned back further in his seat. “The reason you are here now instead of on your way to the city jail is because we would like to hire you.”

“The Gallery wants to hire me? To do what? Improve its embarrassing security?”

“No.I was not talking about the Gallery."


"I work for a global organisation that deals with international security. It's not affiliated with any one government but we recruit personel and carry out...tasks...worldwide. And now I'm here to recruit you."

JC blinked once and then twice. He fought the smile threatening to appear on his face, then gave up and just burst out laughing. He laughed so hard that tears started escaping his eyes. Timberlake just watched him in amusement.

“You’re really pretty when you laugh.”

JC’s laughter was cut short.
“You’ve been coming on to me since we met. And you expect me to believe that you are some kind of a secret agent?”

“Hey, if James Bond could do it, why not me?” Timberlake smirked.

“Ok, seriously am I on tv? Is this some kind of a joke?” JC asked with an earnest expression.

“No. Not really. It’s all true. We want you to work for us.”

“Doing what?”

“Doing what you do best. Stealing valuable titbits right from beneath the noses of its owners.”

“So this agency wants me to steal for them? Steal what? State secrets?”

“Amongst others."

JC scoffed and shook his head.
"This is unbelievable."

Timberlake smiled gregariously.
"So some say."

"But why me? I mean why would this organisation hire a criminal?"

"We hire people who can get the job done. Regardless of moral issues. Also if you get caught we will deny all knowledge of you so your police record will be a good decoy."

"So what if I refuse?"

"No harm done. You will be handed over to the police. And at last count...hmmm, let me see," Timberlake pretended to be mentally culculating. "you were looking at least 25 years without parole."

JC scowled at the other man.
"I'm supposed to be turning over a new leaf damn it! This is unfair!"

"You can still do so in prison."

"Fuck you!" JC spat.

"Maybe later. But now we need to move. So are you coming with me or going with the police?" Timberlake enquired, with mock curiousity.

JC knew he had no choice. He could not go to prison. He just could not. Yet he had promised to repent from his life of crime. But was he not? Working for the this organisation, if they really were helping with international security, would be akin to working for the government, right? It would be legal, right?

"Is this legal?"

"The things we have to do may not always be legal. But, JC, rest assured. You will be helping the good guys."

"What if I get caught?"

"I won't lie. If you get caught and we cannot get you out of any situation without liability to The Organisation, we will disavow any knowledge of you."

"Is that all? Or will you guys send someone to kill me?"

"You've watched too many movies."

"Hey! You're the Bond wannabe here and *I've* watched too many movies?"

"Touche. To answer your question. No. We won't get you killed. There's no reason to fear that anyone would believe what you would say. We hire questionable characters such as yourself because no one would believe you. So why bother?"

"So either way I lose."

"Not really. Unless you plan on getting caught...again."

JC narrowed his eyes at the smug smile on Timberlake's face.

"So what will it be? Hurry. I have other business to attend to."

JC evaluated his choices. What had he to lose?

"Fine. I'll come."

Timberlake smirked.
"Good. Follow me."

JC took a deep breath to ready himself but before he could get up, he found himself pulled up by two other men in suits.

"I can get up by myself!" JC growled as he pulled free and stalked after Timberlake out of the room.

25 July 2005 @ 06:57 am
If any of you guys have an idea for a story that you'd like to have written-either by round robin or by one person- just drop the idea in an entry.

Or if you want to start another Round Robin...just make an entry.

That's all I wanted to say. Oh and welcome to Round Robin. :)

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25 July 2005 @ 01:04 am

Note: This is a story I had written a while ago as a stand-alone. But I was just reading over it and figured that it doesn't have to be the ending. Add more if you want. :)

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