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Round Robin Slash
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Round Robin Nsync Slash Community

This is a community for all those that enjoy writing about the wonderful love of Nsync. It is mostly a JuC/Joshtin community (Justin/JC), but I won't hold it to that. All other pairings are welcomed.

1.) The beginning of the story will be posted as an entry in the community. To add on to the story, you must comment that entry. Please do not make another community entry for the same story. Thank you.

2.) Please no fighting over writing a certain part of the story. If someone stops at a cliff hanger and two people want to add on to the story, the first to post will be the one accepted. [Unless it's a special case and the moderator will decide otherwise]

3.)Please proof read what you write. We're not asking for a Pulitzer or anything. Just make sure that what you write makes sense and we'll be happy.

4.)Don't correct or change anything another author has done without permission of the author.

5.) Have fun and just relax. That's what writing's all about.

Questions? Comments? Drop a line at robin_sky1205@yahoo.com and I'll get back to you asap. Thanks.